Welcome to My World

A place where I try to make a difference each day in someone’s life either through my actions, my words or hopefully through my photography.  Photography and writing let me share with you all the things that I love, from my family, to travel, street photography, still life, my love of books and writing. Simply said, life itself.  

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and visit when you can.  It is  when we stop and quiet our minds for a bit that we are able to understand that all we really need is what we already have. 

So for all who come here,  thank you. May you leave knowing that you matter to me and to yourself.



I love doing still life shots.  It's a challenge for me so I keep at it.  Macro photography outside in spring and summer brings me such a sense of peace. Working with nature and what comes into my space...like bees, flowers and little things to delight me.  In the colder months or the "grey season", commonly called the time between winter and spring..I turn to still life once again, just for the beauty of the natural light coming through the windows..



Welcome to my web-site.  I'm so happy you have decided to visit.  What happens here, on my blog, is a mixture of all my loves, starting with those in the photo above.  I hope some of the moments that I share here will inspire you to maybe pick up a camera, read lots of books, spend time with your family and also enjoy nature and travel. These are my loves...photography and writing is how I share them.  Living Life One Moment At A Time...



We have been so fortunate to have traveled all over the world.  This was an unexpected gift, that has turned into  a great love. It's where I get the history lessons that I never paid attention to when I was in school.  Travel photography is a gift unto itself.  When I return home, through my photo's, I can go back anytime and pull up those memories...We will now turn our focus to traveling more in the beautiful United States...I'll be sharing all this with you.